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Welcome to Start-Rite Alternative Therapies

  • Fed up with constant pain or not having the life you want?
  • Been down all the¬†offical routes and nothing is working?¬†

Start – Rite Alternative Therapies has the answers, having fully qualified practitioners that have had similar life experiences and resolved them we are able to tailor make treatments to suit your needs. We have time for you, so that you can be heard and listened to.

We offer Complementary and Alternative therapies within the Surrey area carried out by fully qualified and experienced practitioners in a relaxing environment.

Theta Healing – Reflexology – Past and Future Lives – Stress Management – Psychotherapy and Homeopathy which are all designed to keep you in tune, focussed and healthy in the rush of the 21st Century.

Our aim is to put your body, mind, spirit and physical well being in the forefront of all our treatments.


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