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Healing, Soul Retrieval and Journing

Healing, Soul Retrieval and Journing


Healing consists of lying down on a couch and having the practitioners hands placed on different areas of the body mainly along the chakra lines (or above if the client prefers). Gentle music is played to aid the relaxation and healing energy is given. You may feel warm, cool or something else depending on how your body wants to respond, it may just be completley calm.

Soul Retrieval

Lying down on a couch, you will receive a healing and a soul retrieval. I will do a healing on you with an intention of bringing back the energy that has been lost through a trauma, incident or situation that you have experienced in your past. The energy will be brought back and blown into your body. Your power will be returned. Your life-force strengthened.


Lying down, you will receive a healing vibration from the sound of the drum/music. I will guide you in to a journey with a healing intention. The drum will take you to an altered state of consciousness where you will receive guidance. You will meet your own Spiritual Helpers and Teachers. Blocked energy will be moved on.