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SCAN0053(1)David.W.Parr, M.A.S.C. (PTh). B.S.Y.A (Hom).    

David is a qualified Stress Consultant, Homeopathic Practitioner and Psychotherapist he qualified with the British School of Yoga Group, members of the British Holistic Medicine Association, the Parlimentary Group for Alternative and Complementary Medicine and he is a member of the Associated Stress Consultants and Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners (AHCP) who follow a professional code of ethics and conduct and is fully insured.

David has always been interested in people’s health and well being; he has a very caring and understanding nature to the trials and stresses to the 21st century.

SCAN0054Emma Bancroft, BA (Hons) QTS, B.S.Y.A. (Rflex), FLP, THETA

Emma has a very caring nature and she is naturally talented in her chosen fields. She has been interested in alternative therapies and the subconscious mind since her early teens. Emma has always been interested in helping people through difficulties and hearing people’s success, through her chosen therapies she can work closely with people in a way in which she loves.

Emma specialises in:

  • Theta Healing
  • Futre and Past Lives
  • Reflexology



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